now who is yarnar?!?!?!?!??!

yarnar is neither here nor there, yarnar is truly a magical being.

yarnar is a cosmic entity who embodies good and is destined to fight Biblar in a battle of catastrophic proportions. He is the God-Emperor of Mallard Ducks and creator of the universe Yar-Nar (can be stylized as "Yarnar" or "YarNar") is the entity worshiped by the "Mallard Ducks". Yar-Nar has defeated Biblar in many epic battles, with Yar-Nar winning every single one, such as the Battle of the Football Field. Yar-Nar has no shape, nor a form, but has been drawn multiple times by Mallard Duck artists. The mallard ducks are an enormous group that is part of the biblonian culture and serves the great lord yar-nar and will be the main audience for the battle of catastrophic proportions, and shall be the only people left once the battle is complete. wowYarnarisamazing wow!yarnar! YarNar “I cannot see what this shall entail, let us hope Biblar is not behind this” - YarNar To Shinghar right before the beginning of the second major battle. YarNar is the creator of the universe. Born before its creation alongside Biblar, at first neither of them knew of the others existence, only their own. YarNar became lonely in time and started to create the universe as we know it born in the vast emptiness of nothing. YarNar created earth shortly afterwards. A cradle of life in a hostile universe. With such an excerpt of power Biblar instantly came over only to see another one like him, YarNar has always been trusting, and biblar took advantage of that. Over time YarNar began to see through the lies that Biblar was telling him and expelled him out of this world and galaxy. Only to stow away in another, but before he did he had left a part of himself on earth, his plan later came to fruition with Debasar. The expulsion of Biblar sparked the 756 negative century starting the countdown until the end of the universe, no one knew what this meant exactly until a prophet and scientist by the name of GarGaBar figured out the true meaning. YarNar was now free with his people and helped them prosper and prosper even helping with the paramars as they were a temple to YarNar and a place of gathering simultaneously. YarNar was kind to those who recognized his authority, Not so kind to those who did not. The earliest people went by the name of yarlarns in the town of yarlun, a proto-biblonia. Biblar after being expelled was furious, after hiding in the dark galaxy gaining strength from it he came back and quickly met YarNar and it became a glorious battle, YarNar instantly took them far away from earth to avoid killing humans during this. YarNar never wanted to fight Biblar but Biblar wanted it, he needed it. The battle was catastrophic in its amount of damage to stars and planets, sometimes shattering a planet when the clashed for a few seconds, nonetheless the whole twelve hours the fight raged on, crossing from star system to star system. The battle ended in Biblars defeat and him narrowly returning to the dark galaxy, only to plan his return. YarNar rejoiced with the humans as he had vanquished evil for now, only with his wits he survived. Soon after humans had advanced to the medieval age and more than just the one city state was popping up, one of which is Guglonia which would later become Biblonia. Tensions were growing between them and any opportunity to seize more land was taken without a second thought, they all feared interference from YarNar. One big opportunity then came, within everyone's mind they heard Biblar calling for them, calling for the ones who wanted power, the strong enough ones to achieve it, YarNar struggled with keeping chaos from breaking out between everyone. Biblar then came instituting the second major battle, it was a battle more deadly than the first, with thousands of human lives being lost in battle between one another, this was also the time that the term “Biblar Worshiper'' was first coined by people fighting the people fighting for biblar. This battle was different, instead of it just being YarNar and Biblar it was real people too, people fighting each other and choosing a side. This battle lasted for five months, YarNar and Biblar were not fighting during all of it though only nearing the end, YarNar ended up winning the battle only with the help of more allies on his side than biblar, once they secured earth they moved onto focusing on biblar. Biblar managed to flee once more back to the dark galaxy, YarNar did not know he had created such a place by mistake and therefore could not find him when he fled. After this the council of Yarnur was made, getting its name by the town of Yarnur where it was organized, this council consisted of YarNar himself and three other humans that showed immense strength in the battle. One being Debasar and Ni-Nar, and the third one was lost to history. YarNar imbued them with part of his power making them somewhat demigods. At this point around the universe life was cropping up other than earth, this made yarnar pleased, although nothing would come close to his affection for earth and humans. A century later, a relatively short time, biblar contacted YarNar asking for a meeting of sorts, nothing more. YarNar agreed, wanting to crush him once and for all. But when he saw Biblar he was weak and frail looking, and seemed to not be able to fight a human nonetheless YarNar himself. This conversation went on for some time until YarNar agreed to give biblar control of parts of this galaxy in return for a promise to never return to earth, this was called the calton agreement. Biblar was a trickster and tricked YarNar into feeling bad, something he himself was incapable of, he now had life under his control and exploited it to grow stronger. Meanwhile YarNar and his council were enjoying 35 centuries of peace at their disposal. Soon however once yarnar started noticing more and more of his people had stopped worshiping him he became worried quickly and saw them becoming biblar worshipers and set debasar on the task of converting them while ni anr came with yarnar to confront biblar for tampering with earth. When they had got to a system in his domain they were appalled at what they saw, bodies piled on bodies of bodies. They were worked to death, left for dead when they were useless, and most of his realm was the same except for a few still hard at work, the one thing they did not find was biblar, they wondered until yarnar instantly took ninar back to earth, only to find it in utter chaos. It had seemed they were too late and biblar had tricked them again, debasar was also nowhere to be found, they calmed down most of the people but some seemed to be in discontent, tension was higher than ever, even the rat king was fortifying down his island, and the scrotum king had somehow escaped biblars clutches and fled to a deserted island. They were obviously a step behind and needed to become three steps ahead now, they had searched the universe finally discovering that dark galaxy, there they found biblar and debasar as a prisoner, ni nar could feel the corruption around him like he was neck deep in water, swirling around him almost smothering him. Yarnar and biblar instantly fought giving time for ni anr to rescue debasar from biblar and bring him back to earth while yarnar defeats biblar. A week after debasar and ni nar came back to earth, yarnar came back winded as though, he had just lost, what now was the question, while they were asking people starting fighting each other on a larger scale than ever before with it almost being equal in terms of manpower, and instantly you could see the biblar worshipers winning. Neither debasar nor ni nar knew what to do and waited for their master to tell them but he obviously could not, so they harbored at the rat king island, bunkered down for a while, debasar and ni nar sometimes went out to help the good side but everyone could feel it, biblar would set foot on this earth soon, it was like a wave of anger and sadness every so often. Until when he did, yarnar was still recovering from his massive beat down and managing to escape while in this condition, so when biblar set foot on earth, a wave of sadness, anger, guilt and greed but this one never went away, its like they were stuck underwater with it now.